My first taste of the crochet world was given to me by Busha {my Grandma}.  She would get me started on a small simple square and I would work on it while she would work on her crochet projects.  One of my favorite memories is her voice teaching me how to crochet.  After she died I stopped crocheting, I didn’t have anyone to guide me through the crazy and fun crochet journey.

A few years later I started traveling on the crochet journey again.  I don’t know if I saw someone doing it or if I just started with some of Busha’s crochet stuff we had kept.  I got back into it with some help from some good friends and YouTube {Both of those are amazing resources.  I prefer the one on one time with a friend.  You get to crochet and hang out with a friend.  What’s better than that?  Plus there’s not as “many” distractions ;)}.  After I started again, I never wanted to stop.  It brought back so many great memories and good feelings that I had associated with it while Busha was still alive.

As I went farther and farther down the crochet path. I made crocheted gifts for my family and friends.  I started my first business, selling crocheted bookmarks.  I would personalize them by letting my costumers pick the color of the bookmark and the color of a letter that I would embroider on it {if they wanted}.  Along with some flower bookmarks.  That crashed into a volcano and exploded into a million pieces, as the volcano erupted {in simple terms, it failed}.  My confidence went down with it.  So I stuck to using my gift to make gifts.  Then I got into amigurumi {the Japanese word for a small stuffed crochet toy}, I had found another thing I liked to crochet!  I started getting amigurumi kits for my Birthday and Christmas.  I sold a few things now and then but never tried to start an actual business again.  Until my sister drew a picture of a monster that she called

“Cuddles Monster”

I decided to try to crochet it.  Then give it to her for her birthday.  Now I had never tried to make my own pattern before, but I was willing to give it a try. Because I knew it would make her happy.  It worked, and she loved it.  One of my problems with selling crochet was the copyright.  But now I knew I could create my own patterns and not worry about copyright. So, now I had to think of the first thing I wanted to create and sell {I didn’t do the Cuddles Monster because I had made it for my sister and I didn’t want to make it less special}.  That’s when I thought of a frog. It was the one thing I could remember being taught how to draw in school, plus I like frogs.  I could use the same basic shapes I used to draw it.  I made it and eagerly told my family and friends about the new business I had started. Called Froggy Crochet {Because my first item was a crocheted frog. So… original 🙂 Lol}.  I waited… and waited… and waited… Until I sold one frog.  Meanwhile I started crocheting other frogs, such as the Acorn Frog and Winter Frog. I started thinking what if I could make other things besides frogs.  I didn’t know if I wanted to do that or not though. Mostly because I didn’t want to change the name.  So I asked around and someone said that they would buy a pig.  Well I consoled myself and said that it had a great story behind it. Besides every companies name has to have a good background to it.  I made the pig and sold it. That’s pretty much where I am at now. I am actually working on a penguin pattern right now 🙂

Learn from my mistake.  Don’t say you can’t do something or you have failed.  Keep trying until you have found all the ways that won’t work.  Because once you have found all the ways that won’t work then the next time it will have to work, because there are no other ways for it not to work.

I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

-Thomas Alvin Edison


Until next time 🙂

Froggy Crochet