Caspian’s 1 1/2 this month!

In April of 2017 we had gone to a college for a festival they do every year for the public. It was our first time and it was great!

My Mom got a migraine, so we went to the car in the parking garage. After about an hour she told us we would have to go home cause the meds she took weren’t working. On our way home her headache started getting better. So we stopped at a pet store because she felt bad that we had to leave the festival early.

We were walking around petting the dogs and cats, looking at the fish. When we started talking about some pet rats we used to have when I was about 3. We ended up asking one of the employees if they had any pet rats. But the only rats they had was feeder, they went and got one any way. They brought out one and handed him to me. I was in Love! He was the cutest thing I had ever seen.

On the way home I named him Caspian. We did get the other 4 that day as well after my Mom said I could get Caspian. But I won’t tell AnaRose’s or Delcia’s story.

Have you ever had a pet rat? Please comment if you think their adorable!

Until Next Time,

Froggy Crochet 🙂