Hey Guys,

My family is officially snowed in. Yup, it finally happened. We are not allowed to go on the roads unless it is an emergency. We even had to skip church today because of it.

We did however get to play in the snow 🙂 A few snowballs were thrown and the next thing I know, I’m going out to the barn to grab the sled. Because my Dad wants to rope it to my suv and pull us behind! I get on it with Delcia because she wouldn’t go unless I went with her. We got a face full of snow! Ana went next by herself. Have you guys ever done ridden on a sled behind a vehicle? It’s really fun!

Now I am inside, underneath a blanket staying warm. I have been trying to get the recording of my flute for you guys but I can’t figure out how to put the recording on here. So if you know how, please let me know 🙂

Yesterday I was at Best buy with my Mom and Anarose. They had a smart fridge. It was really cool! It has a touch screen with apps you can put on it. Such as Pinterest. And of course they have a drawing app for lists. I had to test it out to see if it worked, so I wrote this on it.

I like Bucky and Anarose likes Loki. My camera picked up the purple lines in the screen 😄 it was really interesting to write on, but kind of hard so my finger hurt afterwards.

Until Next Time,

Froggy Crochet 🙂