This is a free verse poem so it has absolutely no structure πŸ™‚

This poem is a letter to my Dad, about how him divorcing my Mom affected me.

You know, I wonder sometimes, do you know how much damage you’ve caused?

That your little princess has given up her dreams because of you. I know that you would say I chose what affects me and how it affects me, but I was a child and Mom still considers me one {I don’t think that will ever change πŸ™‚}.

Do you care?

Did you ever care?

You always seemed to care about my dreams.

I wanted a knight in shining armor, who would love me forever. A home with a large fenced in backyard. Kids of all ages playing. My kids. I wanted you to have grandkids, to spoil and go fishing with. You always joked that you would embarrass my boyfriend, and tell me if you thought he was the one. Though no boy would ever be good enough for me, you say.

I know people make mistakes. You tell me what a good man/husband should be like. But I don’t know anymore. They say you pick someone who is like your Dad, but I don’t want to. I don’t want someone like you.

They say I want a boyfriend or that I want a romance. Because of the books I read, the movies I like, how I talk and the stories I write but that’s not true. They call me a liar. But the reason I do all those things is because a little part of me. Still believes in true love, in happily ever after school. It’s searching, trying to find proof and convince the rest of me that true love and happily ever afters still exist.

I know your practical and see things in black and white, so this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to you. But my dreams are all I had. I’m not pretty and I don’t have talent. I thought that someone would fall in love with who I am, not with my looks. My dreams that someone will come and we’ll fall in love are gone. I write those stories for my sister’s, so that way maybe they’ll still believe in true love and happily ever afters.

It doesn’t matter to you though. Your happy that my feet are on the ground and my head on my shoulders, not in the clouds anymore. I thought that I was good enough, but don’t worry I’ve learned the rules,

I stand up for myself.

Don’t trust anyone.

No one is a true friend.

There’s no reason to be friendly unless they have done something for you or they pay the bills.

Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, because if I want to do it then I’ll do it. No matter who it hurts or their reasons for protesting.

I hope this means that I am your perfect little princess now. I want you to be proud. I had to break all of my dreams and all of me to do it. Don’t worry Daddy, you don’t have to worry about chasing boys away. You burned that department down.

Maybe when I am older, I will be mature enough not to let this affect me and to know it’s not your fault that I feel this way. I know that letting this control me isn’t right, I know you say I control what affects me, and I shouldn’t let other people’s opinion make my choices.

But is it wrong to want my Dad’s approval?

To want him to be proud of me?

My parents are happily back togetherπŸ™‚

I am thankful for that, despite the damage that has been done.

Until Next Time,

Froggy Crochet πŸ™‚