Next Monday, I will post a writing prompt, that I have made up. Hopefully you guys will be inspired by the prompt and write a story or poem. Then do 1 of these 3 things.

You can post your inspired story/poem on your blog and put the link in the comments.

You can email me the story/poem if you don’t want to put it on your blog for any reason.

Or you can put your story/poem in the comment section.

Why you would do this,

Because the Monday after I post the writing prompt, I will choose one story/poem to post and talk about. I will talk about the author and the author’s blog as well. I will put a link to the authors blog.


1. You have until the Sunday after I posted the writing prompt, at 8pm Eastern Standard Time to post/email/comment your story or poem.

2. No curse words

3. Limited PDA

4. I do not believe in vampires/demi gods/other gods or any other “evil”/god like characters. I am not against mythical creatures and beings. It is how they are portrayed that I am wary of.

All of this will be to my discretion


The more bloggers we get to do this the more exposure we will all get 🙂


Here is the schedule for the next 3 weeks (so that there isn’t confusion 🙂)

March 26,

I am posting this,

April 1,

I post the writing prompt,

April 7,

8pm deadline for commenting/emailing story or poem.
I pick the story or poem after 8pm,

April 8,

I post the story or poem, that I picked.

End of post,

Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments 😀

Until Next Time,

Froggy Crochet 🙂