One thing I loved doing in high school was being stage manager in theatre. It was satisfying having permission to yell at people. Just kidding… though some yelling did occur 😀 anyways… doing that really helped me learn how to do background and set up work, what was important, when to use improvisation.

When I started my venture, that all became a major building block. As I learned how to use Instagram from a business prospective and started building my brand, I realized that all those tools it took to manage the backstage props and cast were the same steps I was using with my business. So I started writing what I knew how to do and rewriting in terms of starting a small business. That made a huge difference in the way I looked and handle my little shop. Unfortunately I had to put a pause to it as I started working full time and moved out of my parents house.

Recently I have made the time and restarted it, thankfully I still have this blog and my business Instagram {you can find me at gracelynn.crochets }. I’ve been making the most of a new bullet journal {I really suggest looking into it on Youtube, this is a great video and it’s the style that I use} and keeping my commitments small but meaningful and useful to growing my business.

That’s where I am right now, also currently looking for a crochet pattern editor. I wouldn’t mind a comment or email suggestion if you guys know anyone 🙂

Until Next Time,

G. Rhodes